Nabla Looper



Be sure to restart Reaper after installing any extensions.

Installation via ReaPack

Once you have ReaPack installed:

  1. Open the menu: 
    Extensions | ReaPack | Import a Repository
  2. Paste in this URL: 
  3. Open the menu: 
    Extensions | ReaPack | Browse package
  4. Search for nabla and select all the related files.
    – Nabla Looper A
    – Nabla Looper B
    – Nabla Looper Toolbars
    – Scythe library v3 for NablaTools
  5. Right clicking and go for Install/update  then click the Apply button.


  1. Close any projects that have used Nabla Looper.
  2. Access:  
    Extensions | ReaPack | Synchronize packages 
    via Reaper’s menu to ensure Nabla Looper is updated to the latest version.

If Nabla Looper does update, you should restart Reaper to ensure the latest version of all Nabla Looper scripts are running.


Follow these steps to uninstall the Nabla Tools:

  1. Close current project (if one is open)
  2. Menu:
    Extensions | ReaPack | Manage Repositories
  3. Right click Nabla Tools and click Uninstall
  4. Click ok and say yes to the prompt
  5. Restart Reaper.